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In just a few years, TECMA pack has become a key player in the design and building of packaging machines and the engineering of complex end of lines, with more than 2,200 machines to its credit.
From box former to palletiser, by way of linking conveyors, dividers, mergers, case-packers, cover placers, stacker-elevators, etc., TECMA pack offers solutions that are flexible, ergonomic and durable – a blend of reliable mechanics and automation of the highest quality.

Founded in 1990 by four packaging professionals with complementary skills, TECMA pack designs and builds both standard and made-to-measure machines at its Coulommiers site in France to fully meet market needs.

TECMA pack has an international presence. The company specialises in complete ends of lines for thermoformed or preformed cups, or bottles, working for both SMEs and large accounts. Yesterday's clients are today's partners.

This loyalty is explained by the solutions offered (a balance between efficiency, simplicity and optimisation of costs), as well as by a company philosophy that is entirely client-oriented.

More than just sales talk, TECMA pack is all about a builder's approach, with the priority on technical aspects, service and support.
From consultation to receipt of the machine, a pair of TECMA pack representatives (technical and sales) remains available at each stage of the project to oversee it.
This combination of skills enables TECMA pack to manage the whole of the process in order to offer the solutions most suited to each client's requirements, with the necessary degree of customisation.

Mechanical assembly, cabling, automation, etc. Every stage in the manufacture of TECMA pack machines takes place at its site, so guaranteeing their quality from design up until installation.

An expertise that is optimised by:
- management of the supply of raw materials, which enables better management of costs, so limiting market fluctuations,
- a stock of standard parts, so guaranteeing permanent availability of equipment,
- an integrated automatic grinding/smoothing unit combining performance, quality and energy savings.

TECMA pack has a team of experts dedicated to fine tuning, delivery and installation of the machines and/or complete ends of lines at the client's site, be it in France or abroad.
Specialised by machine type, these managers are accompanied by the heads of department and oversee installation and start-up, provide appropriate training and give support commensurate with the level of performance of the installed solutions.

The TECMA pack Research and Development teams design tomorrow's machines today.
These experts use powerful simulation software to ceaselessly explore new solutions to anticipate market needs.

The Mechanical Studies Office is equipped with the best 3D design software to assist it developing equipment to meet all production requirements: ergonomics, reliability, simplicity, cost, packaging, shapes, groupings, execution speeds, updates and other parameters specific to each project.
With a "library" of proven equipment and solutions that are 100% mastered In-house, TECMA pack has unique skills and expertise, guaranteeing the fine tuning of effective technical solutions that are durable and affordable.

The Electrical and Automation Studies Office works closely with the Mechanical Studies Office to design architectures to suit:
- each client's requirements,
- geographical areas (AB, SCHEINDER/ELAU, SIEMENS),
- technological developments: movement, controls, communication bus, Ethernet protocol, interpolation, gantry loading axes, etc.

TECMA pack has always placed a premium on the support it offers, and customer service lies at the very heart of the company:
- tools, modification and manufacture of parts on request and in record time,
- stock of spare parts,
- cardboard cutting table allowing sample cuts to be modelled and made, an added value for the client,
- videoconference room so that we can stay in contact with clients across the world.
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