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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

China, Spain, Australia, Russia, etc. TECMA pack is proud to accompany its customers, in setting up packaging machines and complete lines all around the world.

This renewed trust in us at national and international level is a recognition of the quality of our product lines.

We wish to take advantage of this TECMA pack newsletter and our first participation at the Interpack trade fair to thank our customers for their fidelity as they permanently face new challenges.

The “Compact” solutions we have developed in response to customers’ needs, and particularly the new overwrapping module, have aroused keen interest both in our traditional market – dairy products – as well as in the markets for precooked dishes and baby food.

Total control of the global process is a constant demand of our customers. From the pilot study to the final reception of complete lines, including palletizing, the optimization of plant layout and the development of packaging formats, TECMA pack commits itself to delivering the expected results.

Happy reading!

Pierre Therville
Sales Manager
TECMA pack


Triballat: an innovative company committed to sustainable development.

Triballat and its emblematic brands such as Vrai and Soja Sun has worked with TECMA pack for over ten years. Fabrice Clément, the technical manager of Triballat reviews this collaboration based on proximity to the customer, listening and exchanging views.

A family-run company for three generations, based in Noyal sur Vilaine in Brittany, Triballat combines tradition with innovation. The company develops pioneering products in the fields of organic foods, cheeses, soya and nutrition. The only dairy company to process the four types of milk (cow’s, goat’s, ewe’s and soya), Triballat has been committed for a long time to a firm policy of sustainable development. Already in 1976 the firm launched an organic range and in 1988 a soya range with Soja Sun. Triballat now represents €200 million in turnover, with over 800 employees and 16 production sites.

For over ten years, this innovative company has turned to TECMA pack for its solutions for forming cases and loading trays, opting for individual pieces of equipment (such as tray forming machines) or complete end of line solutions. “TECMA pack,” explains Fabrice Clément, “developed customized box solutions for Triballat. Their advantage is that they make proposals to optimize each piece of equipment. In line with our different needs, they design technical solutions that are always pertinent, reliable, economical and lasting. A machine that comes out of their factory is already in perfect run-ning order. TECMA pack makes it a point of honor to optimize the investment in each project. For example, for the installation of an end of line for preformed cups, the costs were cut by re-using an existing TECMA pack tray forming machine on which a grid insert unit was added. This ingenious, simple and cost-effective system enabled Triballat to avoid investing in a dedicated tray forming machine.

This ability to understand customers’ problems is essential, Fabrice Clément insists. “TECMA pack possesses a technical approach and a feedback input that enables it to guarantee us the reliability of the equipment, the quality of its services and a technical definition always in phase with the latest technological developments. Moreover, TECMA pack is a wellestablished company built to last. And this point is very important because if we are to continue down the years we need to be properly accompanied!”
  Triballat et TECMA pack
The modification of the tray forming machine enables its use with or without grid insertion and without a change of format, thus avoiding having to set up a new dedicated tray forming module.
Triballat et TECMA pack
Triballat et TECMA pack
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