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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

A leader in the mechanisation of boxes, with more than 100 tray forming machines installed each year, and more than 2,200 installations in use throughout the world, TECMA Pack is continually structuring and innovating to better support its customers.

With a solid expertise in simple, reliable and effective constructions, TECMA Pack is constantly developing new machines and concepts to respond to market developments and the specific needs of their customers.

This technology and innovation-centred approach goes hand in hand with the optimisation of your investments and the minimising of operational costs.

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Gérard Laudet
TECMA pack

Charles Faraud, a technical challenge all along the line

In order to meet the increase in production volumes, and to offer new packaging solutions to mass catering customers - particularly the delivery of individual pots - Charles Faraud, the leading French supplier of apple compotes for catering outside the home, has launched a wide-ranging investment programme.

The result is the creation of an entire line, from delivery of apples right up to complete pallets. Of note is a two-track end of line. One track is intended for over-wrapping (with all possible pack configurations, including the placing of budget headers and cardboard sleeves); the other is for the placing of sticks. The whole line was developed to order by TECMA pack.
Now for a look at this technical challenge with Laurent Salle, director of the Charles Faraud factory.

The technical issue with this line was how to manage products both for supermarkets and for mass catering – which involved designing a line allowing five different kinds of packaging (24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 thermoformed pots of 100 g) – in openwork tray-boxes for chilled retail or in tray-boxes, closed with a cover, for grocery stores.

From the end of the process – retrieval of pots in trays of 4, 6 or 8 – up until the placing onto pallets (by way of the linking conveyor belts), the power systems, packing and the module for cutting out individual pots, TECMA pack designed and built specific machines for Charles Faraud – particularly the module for cutting out individual pots and the cover placement.

Beyond the design of the complete line, TECMA pack has supported the industrial Charles Faraud in the design of packaging, taking part in the drafting of plans and mock-ups of the tray-boxes.
"From the idea to the putting into use, we worked closely with TECMA pack", explained Laurent Salle, "to develop a tool that could undertake individual cutting on a line of 40,000 pots an hour! This machine did not exist on the market... TECMA pack took up the challenge with a real sense of service and support. They have a capacity for innovation and an undeniable technical mastery!"
Box packaging based on 24 and 12 pots with the same cover, and separators placed between each layer of pots.
Multiple packing in trays, packs and individual pots.
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