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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

A leader in the mechanisation of boxes, with more than 100 tray forming machines installed each year, and more than 2,200 installations in use throughout the world, TECMA Pack is continually structuring and innovating to better support its customers.

With a solid expertise in simple, reliable and effective constructions, TECMA Pack is constantly developing new machines and concepts to respond to market developments and the specific needs of their customers.

This technology and innovation-centred approach goes hand in hand with the optimisation of your investments and the minimising of operational costs.

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Gérard Laudet
TECMA pack

Modular layer-by-layer palletiser

In order to extend its product offer, and as a complement to its by column palletiser range, TECMA pack announces a new range of layer-by-layer palletisers, which meet market demand by enabling the management of various box formats.

This new range of palletisers stands out owing to its great flexibility: possibility of modifying the types of palettisation, the number of layers, the position of separators, solutions for lifting and placing empty and full pallets, without forgetting the ability to work with a variety of boxes, including recycled boxes.

This layer-by-layer palletiser also boasts a modular design. Each palletiser is built to order according to the palettisation operations to be undertaken, as well as the installation constraints.
Within its optimised footprint it integrates all of the necessary elements for the construction of a pallet: pallet unstacker, magazine(s) of separators, a palettisation area and an evacuation area.
A TECMA pack elevator may be installed upstream, by the output area of the case-packer, clearing the ends of lines and therefore freeing circulation areas.
TECMA pack also offers robotised versions of these solutions.
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New EV-LC machine including a tray-forming mechanism, with or without glue

TECMA pack presents a simple and ergonomic machine that includes a box-forming mechanism.

This clipping mechanism system was developed for a 24-pot (thermoformed 63x63) traditional tray for low and medium cadences.

Combined with a pendular movement, the forming of boxes without glue enables an optimisation of costs, avoids difficulties of supply of raw materials and frees the process from the technical constraints linked to hot glue.

This case packing machine is a compact and ergonomic solution that is perfectly suited to the emerging markets, and meets the expectations of all industrials.
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