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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

China, Spain, Australia, Russia, etc. TECMA pack is proud to accompany its customers, in setting up packaging machines and complete lines all around the world.

This renewed trust in us at national and international level is a recognition of the quality of our product lines.

We wish to take advantage of this TECMA pack newsletter and our first participation at the Interpack trade fair to thank our customers for their fidelity as they permanently face new challenges.

The “Compact” solutions we have developed in response to customers’ needs, and particularly the new overwrapping module, have aroused keen interest both in our traditional market – dairy products – as well as in the markets for precooked dishes and baby food.

Total control of the global process is a constant demand of our customers. From the pilot study to the final reception of complete lines, including palletizing, the optimization of plant layout and the development of packaging formats, TECMA pack commits itself to delivering the expected results.

Happy reading!

Pierre Therville
Sales Manager
TECMA pack


Two complete and compact lines for optimized productivity per square meter.

TECMA pack reaffirms its expertise in end of line technology by adopting its innovative and proven solutions on two new complete lines. Check them out at the Synerlink stand, Hall 6 - Stand E28 of the Interpack 2011 trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Synerlink, our engineering division, brings together the complementary skills of three specialists in packaging lines: Arcil for thermoforming and fi lling, TECMA pack for the mechanization of cardboard boxes and complete end of lines, and Aprium for robotics and continuous overwrapping.

These three companies pool their know-how to design complete lines and guarantee by contract the performances of the lines they deliver.

A single Synerlink contact coordinates each project in order to optimize the realization, from the design of the packaging up to factory reception. Moreover, Synerlink is the only manufacturer to test all its lines “in real conditions” in its workshops before their delivery.
  Synerlink teste toutes ses lignes.
Synerlink tests all its lines in real conditions in its workshops before their delivery.
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“COMPACT” SOLUTION: Simplicity, reliability and economies

TECMA pack, the French specialist in the mechanization of boxes, case packing and end of line systems, presents at Interpack all the qualities of its “Compact” solutions with a complete operational line that is 100% TECMA pack.

TECMA pack will be exhibiting, in its factory configuration and connected to an ARCIL IZI A8 thermoforming machine, a FM 3000 tray forming machine linked to a “Compact” end of line solution consisting of an overwrapping module and a case packing module.

Designed for thermoformed cups of 63 x 63 mm, the line can produce up to 3,000 boxes/hour or 14,400 cups/hour.

Grouping the functions required for secondary and tertiary packaging, the TECMA pack “Compact” solutions benefit from a simple mechanical approach and the latest-generation automatism based on the Rockwell, Siemens and Schneider standards.

The entire end of line process can be controlled from a single control panel. Special attention has been paid to the ergonomics: heights and capacities of box magazines, accessibility of mechanical components and changeover parts.

The sensitive operations of all-around cutting and closing are carried out in stationary mode at several points. Depending on the groupings of the allaround cutting operations and case packing configurations, the “Compact” solutions can achieve performances of up to 43,200 cups/hour..
  Solution  COMPACT

Suremballage TECMA pack
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SYNERLINK: cadence and technology in compact mode

PotThe second line exhibited brings together innovative equipment and solutions: an Arcil thermoforming machine with optimized design, an Aprium Technology continuous overwrapping machine including a case packing unit and a 3-axis TECMA pack box forming machine with a box magazine at 800 mm from the ground and a capacity of 1,800 mm.

The transfer of cups emerging from the thermoforming machine is handled by a TECMA “pilgrim process” conveyor, and the supplying of the overwrapping and case is done by Aploader robots.

Taking up 25 m in length, which is 30% less than competing lines, Synerlink combines the three main functions of a yoghurt packaging line.

The hardware-software platform called Effidrive, developed by Synerlink, offers an intuitive grasp of the running of the complete line. Three manmachine interfaces with identical configurations are placed on each module, thus giving an overall view of the entire line.

The format changes on all the line take less than 10 min, without any tool and with elements to be handled that weigh a maximum of 1 kg.

Another advantage is that Synerlink allows pattern changes on the lids. The production permutation takes place automatically, without any intervention from the operator, with emptying times between two products of only 4 min.

Synerlink develops complete lines for 14,000 to 90,000 cups/hour, in individual cups, in packs that are overwrapped or not, in open trays or in closed cases.

Cost-effectiveness per square meter to meet the needs of demanding manufacturers.
  Module de suremballage
Ligne complete Synerlink
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