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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

A leader in the mechanisation of boxes, with more than 100 tray forming machines installed each year, and more than 2,200 installations in use throughout the world, TECMA Pack is continually structuring and innovating to better support its customers.

With a solid expertise in simple, reliable and effective constructions, TECMA Pack is constantly developing new machines and concepts to respond to market developments and the specific needs of their customers.

This technology and innovation-centred approach goes hand in hand with the optimisation of your investments and the minimising of operational costs.

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Gérard Laudet
TECMA pack

Expertise and simplicity at the service of the mechanisation of boxes

TECMA pack regularly designs new machines and solutions in order to adapt to the requirements of food business industrials.

With the support of two research and development offices, the company has opted for an approach based mainly on innovation focussed 100% on the optimisation of operational costs, maintenance costs and format change costs.

TECMA pack therefore enables its partners to equip themselves with standard or made-to-measure machines that perfectly meet their box mechanisation needs.
Benefits of the cutting table

With the principle of supporting its customers written into its DNA, TECMA pack has invested in a cutting table. This digitally controlled 2 x 2 m table is able to cut all kinds of base materials, be it flat, corrugated or micro-fluted cardboard. It produces life-size cardboard mockups from CAD plans, which allows the validation and optimisation of the packaging before they are industrialised. This stage anticipates the constraints of mechanisation and models a packaging structure intended for both marketing purposes and industrials.
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