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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

A leader in the mechanisation of boxes, with more than 100 tray forming machines installed each year, and more than 2,200 installations in use throughout the world, TECMA Pack is continually structuring and innovating to better support its customers.

With a solid expertise in simple, reliable and effective constructions, TECMA Pack is constantly developing new machines and concepts to respond to market developments and the specific needs of their customers.

This technology and innovation-centred approach goes hand in hand with the optimisation of your investments and the minimising of operational costs.

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Gérard Laudet
TECMA pack

SYNERLINK, synergy subsidiary for TECMA pack

As part of its development, and in order to better respond to the demand of international markets, TECMA pack has opened a new engineering subsidiary.

Based in the United States and named SYNERLINK, this subsidiary takes charge of all packaging projects, from the design of packaging to industrial delivery.
  SYNERLINK brings together the complementary skills, talents and products of the manufacturers Arcil and TECMA pack, to provide a complete range of services to suit market needs.

With the aim of total integration, from pre-study to the complete installation of packaging lines, by way of robotised over-wrapping, SYNERLINK develops performance, placing a premium on flexibility, ease of maintenance, ergonomics and reliability.
Synerlink: Arcil, Aprium Technology, TECMA pack, une synergie de compétences au service de l’engineering
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