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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

A leader in the mechanisation of boxes, with more than 100 tray forming machines installed each year, and more than 2,200 installations in use throughout the world, TECMA Pack is continually structuring and innovating to better support its customers.

With a solid expertise in simple, reliable and effective constructions, TECMA Pack is constantly developing new machines and concepts to respond to market developments and the specific needs of their customers.

This technology and innovation-centred approach goes hand in hand with the optimisation of your investments and the minimising of operational costs.

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TECMA pack

"Compact" solutions continue their development, with the arrival of an over-wrapping module

TECMA pack has designed “Compact” solutions to anticipate and support industrial requirements. These solutions combine mechanical and robotic developments.

"Compact" solutions bring together in a single chassis several functions designed as modules, from the output of a wrapping machine to packing for transport, filled, closed and stacked: a TECMA pack innovation developed to meet companies’ compactness, ergonomics, cadence, performance and cost requirements.

The solutions were unveiled in 2008 and were initially composed of a forming unit, a continuous grouping preparation unit and an interpolated two-track.
Since then, other modules with similar requirements have been designed: box closing unit, stacker, elevator, etc.

In 2010, a completely new over-wrapping module was developed. Installed upstream of the case packing machine, this module allows one to gather or dress primary packaging.

A real technical development, as regards both the mechanism and the automation, “Compact” solutions offer numerous advantages.
They display production and format-change capabilities that fully fit with today's industrial requirements.

One of the assets of a “Compact” solution is its reduced size, which avoids the need for investment in construction infrastructure. Its limited length and central control console (for all modules) enables a single operator to run it. In certain configurations, and in order to optimise their profitability, it is possible to oversee two “Compact” solution installations at the same time.

“Compact” solutions are designed to limit maintenance costs.
Each model benefits from new principles in streamlined mechanics. “Compact” solutions have around 30% fewer moving parts, a result of using interpolated dynamic drives and notched belts, so limiting and simplifying maintenances operations.

Based on simplification and effectiveness, the “Compact” solution also offers the benefit of a single electrical box for all its modules. An operator can control the entire line from a single control console, with a very intuitive graphic interface. In the event of a shutdown, it is very easy to identify the cause.

Apart from centralising the control system, TECMA pack has also worked to improve the workstations. Airier and more practical, they have been developed with a single priority in mind, that of facilitating preventive maintenance operations in order to reduce the difficulty of interventions for operators and maintenance staff. For example, the “forming” module is equipped with a large capacity magazine (1,800 mm) with a loading height of between 700 and 900 mm.

The “Compact” solutions are developed by assembling modules such as:
• Forming of the box
• Gathering of products
• Over-wrapping
• Case packing
COMPACT End of line Solution; for labels & packs of thermoformed pots, including a module for cutting out individual pots and a separator placement module.
COMPACT end of line solution; for thermoformed pots, including a walking beam.
COMPACT end of line solution; for individual bottles, with preparation for continuous grouping and a cover placement module.
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The new over-wrapping module

The newest module intended for the “Compact” solutions is the over-wrapping module.

In order to meet market demand, TECMA pack has developed an over-wrapping module to work with the case packing module.

Trolleys positively carry pots and thin cardboard boxes from the over-wrapping area to the case-packing area. Compactness, ergonomics, mechanical simplicity and effectiveness ensure that this new module integrates perfectly with the “Compact” solutions offered.

COMPACT end of line solution; for preformed pots,
including an over-wrapping module
and a case-packing module..
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Key features of the "Compact" solutions

• Visibility, accessibility and ergonomics
• Optimised footprint
• Modular configuration
• Low box-magazine with a large capacity
• Fewer mechanical parts
• Flexibility, adaptability
• Simplified change of format
• Reduced installation time
• Centralised operator interface
• Management of interpolated axes - 30 cpm-
• Preparation of continuous grouping
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