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Welcome to tecmapack.info, the TECMA pack website.

China, Spain, Australia, Russia, etc. TECMA pack is proud to accompany its customers, in setting up packaging machines and complete lines all around the world.

This renewed trust in us at national and international level is a recognition of the quality of our product lines.

We wish to take advantage of this TECMA pack newsletter and our first participation at the Interpack trade fair to thank our customers for their fidelity as they permanently face new challenges.

The “Compact” solutions we have developed in response to customers’ needs, and particularly the new overwrapping module, have aroused keen interest both in our traditional market – dairy products – as well as in the markets for precooked dishes and baby food.

Total control of the global process is a constant demand of our customers. From the pilot study to the final reception of complete lines, including palletizing, the optimization of plant layout and the development of packaging formats, TECMA pack commits itself to delivering the expected results.

Happy reading!

Pierre Therville
Sales Manager
TECMA pack


Transporting, case packing and palletizing!

The baby food market requires perfect quality and process mastery with quality controls at all the manufacturing stages.

Flacon de lait pour nourrissonFully aware of this requirement, TECMA pack has designed a complete production line of small milk bottles for babies that perfectly integrates all these constraints.

The TECMA pack solution includes the design and set up of a complementary module for the individual control on the line of bottles already packed, by sampling or continuous flow.

Parallel to supplying the conveyor system, flow management and interactive mode between machines making up the complete line, TECMA pack has set up a “Compact” end of line solution consisting of a top sheet module.

For this customer, TECMA pack has also developed in partnership with the Axone Systems company a robotic palletizing unit.
  Transporter, encaisser et palettiser
A complete line including a palletizing unit.
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